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April Fool’s Day Edition

Answer: A doctor If you had a hard time coming up with an answer or have a different answer, you aren’t wrong and certainly not alone. The majority of us hold unconscious biases that associate doctors with ‘white’ and ‘male. According to Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, this association is part of a stereotype. […]

The Plural “They”

A Happy Belated (Gregorian and Lunar) New Year to you! For our first 2016 installment of “Term of the Month”, we’ve decided to highlight the American Dialect Society’s 2015 Word of the Year. In his final State of the Union address on January 12, President Obama said… Some grammar traditionalists may balk at this usage, […]

Back to School Edition

September marks the start of the academic year. So, in the spirit of fostering an engaged conversation around language and inclusion, We would like to share the very first ‘STNT Term of the Month’ “Dropout” This term is frequently used to describe students who are no longer attending school. And can be problematic because it […]

STNT wins 1st Place and Community Choice Award

I was at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit in September 2014. A conversation about language in an environment about technology in nonprofit led to the idea of STNT. One of the highlights of the summit was Idea Accelerator, a fast pitch competition. I decided to enter my STNT idea into the Idea Accelerator competition after receiving positive […]