April Fool’s Day Edition

Answer: A doctor

If you had a hard time coming up with an answer or have a different answer, you aren’t wrong and certainly not alone. The majority of us hold unconscious biases that associate doctors with ‘white’ and ‘male.

According to Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, this association is part of a stereotype. Stereotypes are created to connect a group to an attribute. Often dominant groups are associated with positive attributes. In contrast, attributes associated with people who have been historically silenced or marginalized are designed to further marginalize them.

In one of Harvard’s Race Implicit Association Test, 75% of test-takers had an implicit preference for white people over black people. Maybe it’s time to examine our unconscious biases.

At Say This Not That, we often think about how our language perpetuates dominant narratives that set up certain standards as the norm, and imply that anything outside of that norm is less legitimate.

Help us envision a world in which this question would never be posed as a tongue-in-cheek joke. Submit problematic words, terms and phrases you come across via our website. Our lexicon depends on contributors like you to stay relevant.