A new tool for compassionate communication

Say This, Not That is an online platform that identifies harmful words and phrases in copy — any written content you choose to analyze. Then, STNT offers alternative words that are more inclusive and compassionate, with detailed explanations.
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What is “STNT”?

When hurtful language becomes accepted and normalized in our public discourse, it excludes certain people from fully engaging in our society. Say This, Not That supports you in bringing more consciousness to language that cultivates greater trust between people.

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Have you come across problematic words and terminologies? If STNT is available now how would you use STNT? Can you imagine other ways to use STNT? Tell us. Get involved in building the STNT lexicon.  

The Founders of STNT

We are fascinated by language as a social and cultural phenomenon. And believe that raising our consciousness about harmful language can open up meaningful conversations and move us toward a more inclusive society.

How Might it Work?

We're currently working on UX and design solutions for Say This, Not That and its users. What do you think?

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What people are saying about STNT

Studies have shown that race-based sports images significantly decrease self-esteem and self-efficacy of Native American students. The use of Indian mascots pops up in our communication. STNT can help flag this problem for people who may not already know this issue.

Western States Center’s vision is about racial, gender and economic justice. I love that STNT is one platform that addresses all these challenges: racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia.

“People on the margins, from youth to undocumented immigrants, often do not get to define the words and terms used to describe them. I’m excited that STNT opens a wider possibility for people to understand how we want to be talked about.”



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